Photo book

50 page digital book ‘Space’

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Moon map

Full side digital Moon Map

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Sealed digital Authenticity Certificate

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Moon atlas

Software that helps visualize the Moon's most detailed aspects

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Photo Book

We will also include the digital book, ‘Space’. This 50 page book contains some of the most stunning images of Space from Nasa's own gallery.

Moon Map

This full side digital Moon Map projects both the front and back side of the moon and also provides some useful facts about the Moon's topography.


A sealed digital Authenticity Certificate which can be shared how you choose and makes a unique & thoughtful gift for any occasion. It includes a name, lot location and your personal message.

Moon Atlas

This software, can visualize the Moon's most detailed aspects for every date and hour and pilot computerized telescopes on the Moon surface. It makes a brilliant tool for amateurs and professional astronomers alike.





Our Customers

  • I bought 10 acres of moon land for my sister's birthday and she was absolutely thrilled with the gift! She especially loved the map & software!
  • I received this pack from my wife on our anniversary. It's one of the most unique & fun gifts I've received in years! I'll cherish forever. Ordering with Moon Register couldn't have been easier.


Do you post your items via. post?

At the moment the only available delivery option is digitally delivered.

Where is my gift kit?

You can find the certificate as an attachment on your email. The gift kit can be located as a download link in the body of the email text.

How can I place an order?

Each order is unique to the Moon Register. Once you finish the online form, an experienced employee will then handle everything, this includes:
Preparation of paperwork and electronic transmission of all necessary data to the Moon Registry database and preparation of certificate and gift set.

Is each lot number unique?

Yes. We only ever assign one lot number per order!

How long is the delivery time?

We deliver by PDF within 24 hours via email. If you have not received your certificate within that time, please email

I was expecting a physical product to be delivered

Our orders are digitally delivered which allows us to offer fantastic pricing and quick delivery.

Where is my gift pack?

If you haven’t received the star pack by email within 24 hours please contact

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